A&C Computer Consultants

We have provided comprehensive IT services and solutions
to small and medium sized businesses since 1997

Our services and what makes us different

We understand that IT services form a crucial part of the day to day running of almost every business. It is always our primary focus to help you, the customer, by assisting in every area of IT and the challenges that it can present to you. Careful consideration and attention is given to the whole support process from the moment a telephone call is made through to technical resolution of a particular problem. Having many suppliers ourselves we fully understand how frustrating it can be when you are let down and faced with excuses or a list of reasons why particular materials or services were not provided as promised. We believe that our customers stay with us and continue to use our services for some very simple reasons:

  • Contacting us and access to technical advice is made easy
  • Our engineers are very knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable
  • We focus on your particular requirements and how these can be achieved through "best value" solutions
  • We build business relationships built on trust and believe that trust must be earned
  • We work in such a way that clients do not need or want to move away from using our services
  • Our aim is always to make your experience of dealing with us a pleasant one

To be truly outstanding, you need to be the exception, not the norm - we want to be the exception

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